Engraved Timber Signs is a major supplier of Australian hardwood timber signs and has supplied quality timber signs for over 12 years. The Burnett Youth Learning Centre (www.bylc.qld.edu.au) is the proud owner of Engraved Timber Signs and is dedicated to continue the supply of high quality, custom timber signs for all applications.

The Burnett Youth Learning Centre is an independent secondary school that provides holistic learning opportunities for youth who have disengaged from mainstream education. Together with Engraved Timber Signs, the Learning Centre also operates a farm in the Bundaberg region of Queensland, both of which support the strong employability training focus for our students.

This is where Engraved Timber Signs comes in. We operate as a social enterprise of the Burnett Youth Learning Centre offering students access to work based training, work experience and employment opportunities. As a social enterprise, all profits from Engraved Timber Signs are used to directly support the Learning Centre.

 The sale of every one of our top quality timber signs HELPS US TO HELP THEM.