The Simple Colour Chart can be used to pick your colours online. Please bear in mind that computer colours only offer an approximation to paint colours, and even the "RGB" values the manufacturers give us sometimes don't look 100% right to our eyes! They are however a pretty good representation, and we'd feel happy ourselves picking a sign based on them.

YES, we do have GOLD and SILVER available for lettering, border or motifs. This is at an additional charge as the process is somewhat different and requires great care to produce. Although not illustrated here, you will find it on the lists during the ordering process.

Black is our highest recommendation for most varnished timber signs lettering & borders though many other colours including creamy white also will work.  Staying with either quite dark or light generally will give greater readability over time for varnished timber signs.

Black is also extremely highly reccommended for all rough faced rustic style signs.