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Style / Shape

Your choice. Lots of sign styles and shapes to choose from. Your sign can be customised further with borders and images of your choice.



Consider the sign surrounds. The size of your sign is important and impacts its readability. For example, a property entrance sign needs to be seen clearly from distance. Our signs can range in size up to 3000mm wide and 1000mm high.



We typically use Australian hardwoods [blue gum, spotted gum, iron bark, merbau] but, if you require a particular type of timber, just ask. The natural attractiveness of timber is what makes a timber product unique and is an important part of the sign character, like – colour variations, grain, knots and imperfections and even minor non-structural cracks.

Installation and Exposure

Consider how your sign will be fixed in position. Is it an outdoor or an indoor sign? Hanging, brackets, screwed, framed?


Design / Lettering

Consider design elements of layout balance, readability, images, colour and borders. What lettering style do you require. There are lots of examples on our web site. Also consider lettering – themes, plain, script, fancy, capitals or lower case, varying sizes. We can help with design. Following your initial enquiry, we will develop a sign design preview for you to look at your sign as it looks in 3D. You can approve or change from there.


Our finishes will bring out the quality and character of the timber while protecting it with quality clear varnish. Whatever the environment your sign will be in, we can protect it.

Signs can also be fully painted, imitation metal, brass, aluminium, rust.

We recommend some tender loving care of your sign. A six monthly wash with a soft brush and soapy water will keep your sign looking good. Extreme cases may require a light sand and a re-varnish.

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